A year with Anet A8 3D Printer

Today, you can buy 3dprinter just under 200$ (Anet A8 self assembly required in this case). This is price territory of generic “desktop printers”. I’ve used my 3D printer more often than desktop printer! After 1 year, I’m really happy with the purchase, and don’t regret it. Some parts such as: filament heads, and bearings needed to be replaced, but it was easy to do, and the parts are ready available.

How I used my Anet A8 printer in a 1 year



My IKEA dishwasher door broke one day. The problem was with one small plastic part, which is quite often material used by IKEA furniture. I decided to give my 3D printer a try. Tinkercad was chosen as the simplest app to quickly prototype part. I had no previous 3D-modeling experience whatsoever.

IMG_8047-kopia.jpg IMG_8039-kopia.jpg IMG_7933-kopia.jpg IMG_1895-kopia.jpg IMG_1890-kopia.jpg

It took some time to measure the part but it was really quick and easy to print it out. I took 3 tries to improve it further to make it slightly bolder than original to not broke anymore.


Small life hacks here and there. Bathroom improvements.



I’ve used wood-based filament, quite expensive but worth it: https://3dreaktor.pl/filament-WOOD/Fiberlogy-FiberWood-750g-175

I had to increase printing head diameter to 0.5, to not constanly get stuck. But it made the difference in overall outlook of the product! Looks like real wood!

IMG_1512-kopia.jpg IMG_1816-kopia.jpg IMG_1828-kopia.jpg


IMG_3046-kopia.jpg IMG_1869-kopia.jpg

Toys for my daughter

IMG_3284-kopia.jpg IMG_1202-kopia.jpg

Printer self-improvements :-)

Power supply cover

IMG_3885-kopia.jpg IMG_3889-kopia.jpg IMG_3895-kopia.jpg


IMG_8272-kopia.jpg IMG_7966-kopia.jpeg

Iphone Cover

IMG_0257-kopia.jpg IMG_0244-kopia.jpg

IPhone stand

IMG_1258-kopia.jpg IMG_1257-kopia.jpg

Toy basketball

IMG_1369-kopia.jpg IMG_1404-kopia.jpg