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This site is dedicated to the Sexy Software Craftsmanship.

SSC is the way of contributing to the smallest details of user experience, internal design, and performance. It’s the way of thinking opposite to make shitty(but working), underperformant, bloated agile MVP software. Read more about Software Craftmanship and make software fast, usable and sexy!

Marcin Kliks

Passionate programmer since Commodore 64.

I believe in the open source, tasty software without compromises, and simplicity.

I am the Lead Programmer of Ralph DCIM/CMDB software and couple of other Open Source projects. I love Python programming language, and Swift.

Media / Publications

  • 02/2016 - FOSDEM 2016 - Ralph - DCIM Asset Management System
  • 11.2014 pywaw #42 Droga do lepszego oprogramowania(PL) / The road towards better software

  • 11.2014 Pyra #14 Ralph, Tipboard, and other Open Source projects
  • 03.2014 My talk about Understanding the user
  • 02.2014 Pyra #7 Keynote Ralph, Selena and open source projects @ Allegro
  • Przemysław Wysota says a lot about CMDB module for Ralph on his website