If you read this, Github probably already did “it”.

Github is going to archive all, world-wide public github repositories in a secret “Vault” located somewhere in Arctic mountain. Today. Including this page.

The process begins in 2 hours, on 2/02/2020. More info

It seems, this blog is going to be archived to, and will be stored underground for about 1000 years. Well, it’s great oportunity to write, something. Something that lasts.

What is it like to live in 2020?

I think, I’m grateful to be living in 2020.

  • Living in 2020 is understanding much more than ever, but living in social “bubbles”.
  • Living in 2020 is to buy everything you’d really imagine, having free shipping worlwide.
  • Living in 2020 is having private chauffeur available everywhere (we used to call it “Uber”).
  • Living in 2020 is to have supercomputer with 20 sensors, just in your pocket(smartphone).
  • Sadly, living in 2020 is to forget about God, and avoiding taking responsibility.
  • Sadly, living in 2020 is giving privacy for stupid pictures.

Being grateful

I’d like to thank all previous ~ 10,000 generations of people, including my nearest family, to work on foundation for everything we have today.

I’m grateful for:

  • my wonderful family, wife, doughter
  • oportunity to live in a world of programming, and fantastic work experience
  • piece of mind, piece of soul

See you in 1000 years!